10th Annual Meisinger High Altitude Comprehensive Implant Symposium

Bone Management® is key to successful implant procedures. “Tissue is the Issue but Bone Sets the Tone.” Besides the prosthetic aspect, achieving minimally invasive surgical techniques, along with predictable results, facilitates less traumatic and more controlled surgical procedures. This course outlines implant treatment planning, site preparation, crestal sinus elevation, bone augmentation/transfer control, implant placement, surgical basics in implantology, and much more. Bone Management® is not simply limited to a technique but rather to a mindset and surgical guidelines.

Date Price CE Credits
Jan. 28 - Feb. 1, 2020 €2,495
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Speakers Include:

Florian Bauer

Istvan Urban

Stavros Pelekanos

Daniel Cullum

Michael S. Block

Fouad Khoury

Giles B. Horrocks

Rawad Samarani

Georg-Hubertus Nentwig

Alexander Zastera