Florida Association of Periodontists

Friday, February 5, 2021

Dr. Scott Froum – 4 CEUs – 1:00pm-5:00pm

Hands-on Workshop – Limited to 25

This hands-on workshop is designed to physically teach the attendee surgical treatments for various periodontal defects and peri-implant defects. Custom complications models and pig jaws will be used to discuss periodontal and peri-implant hard and soft tissue grafting techniques. Detoxification protocols will be elucidated. Minimally invasive surgical techniques will be demonstrated and highlighted with appropriate armamentarium.


1. Practice the latest hard and soft tissue grafting techniques on custom models.

2. Demonstrate what teeth and implants can be treated vs. extracted.

3. Learn about and use various hygiene instrumentation.

4. Learn how to implement ADA codes and letters of explanation for various procedures.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Dr. Scott Froum – 5 CEUs – 9am-4pm

Saving Implants & Teeth: Changing Prognosis Through Technological Advances

As more practitioners become involved in the placement of dental implants the proportion of implant complications will dramatically increase. A recent paradigm shift in dentistry has been the incorporation of regeneration/repair of ailing dental implants. In addition, as “saving implants vs. saving teeth” are compared both clinically and financially, the literature shows a much higher degree of predictability and a lower financial burden when practitioners attempt to keep the existing dentition in the mouth through regenerative dental therapy. This lecture will focus on current and new biotechnology that can enhance regeneration around both teeth and dental implants.


1. Learn prognosis classifications for dental implants and teeth.

2. Implement hard and soft tissue grafting into your armamentarium for treating implant and tooth lesions.

3. Establish a save vs. extract decision matrix for both teeth and implants.

Date Price CE Credits
Feb. 5-6, 2021 9
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Speakers Include:


Scott Froum