Florida Association of Periodontists

Dr. Alfonso Pineyro and Dr. Kenneth Kornman present at the FAP 2020 Winter Meeting.

Lecture Descriptions:

- Dr. Kornman:

The future of periodontics is primarily about managing clinically and biologically complex patients, which constitute at least 20 to 25% of our adult population. Based on knowledge at the time of the 1999 World Workshop on Classification of Periodontal Diseases, experts in the field described an approach for classifying periodontitis based almost entirely on past severity of disease. In the two decades since the 1999 Workshop, substantial new evidence and new understandings of these diseases have emerged that indicate some of the population develops
more severe clinical expression of periodontitis. Evidence supports an interaction of multiple risk factors that translates periodontitis in some of our patients into severe disease with greater complexity of clinical management. The new periodontitis classification acknowledges the importance of more than disease severity to best guide prevention and treatment of
periodontal disease in our patients. Achievement of long-term oral and systemic health outcomes in the complex cases require specialtylevel diagnostic and surgical skills, informed by deep knowledge and concepts defined in the 2018 reclassification of periodontitis and the
new classification of peri-implant diseases and conditions. This presentation will describe the rationale for why our periodontitis classification system needed to change, and how to identify patients who present with complex cases. By definition, each complex case must be defined at the individual patient level, and the treatment planning inherently involves precision management of the individual patient. Importantly, the new periodontics should define a new role for the periodontist in the dental and medical care systems of today and the future.

- Dr. Pineyro:

As specialists, periodontists are considered to be an authority in Implant Dentistry. Referring dentists will trust your opinions, seek your advice, and ask for your help in delicate situations. In order to provide them with this assistance, it is important to have an advanced knowledge in many restorative procedures. Many complications and failures can be associated with the restorative treatment that was prescribed. An intimate understanding of proper restorative procedures is needed to help avoid costly complications and failures. This lecture will discuss topics that most clinicians deal with every day and that are very rarely discussed. We will give solutions that will be practical, can be used on Monday morning and no additional cost is needed to implement. Protocols will be discussed that will help make restoring full arch or single-unit implant restorations more predictable, more profitable and more enjoyable.

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Feb. 7-8, 2020 11
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Speakers Include:

Alfonso Pineyro

Kenneth Kornman