University of Michigan - Advanced Periodontal Surgery: A Practical Training Course

This course is designed to help dentists incorporate hard and soft tissue graft as well as advanced implant surgeries into their daily practices. After completion of this five-day continuing education course, the participant will be exposed to:

  • Implant esthetic treatment plan.
  • Immediate implant placement and immediate provisionalization.
  • Indications and contraindications for regular periodontal surgeries, periodontal/implant plastic surgery, surgical crown lengthening and advanced bone graft/implant procedures.
  • Soft tissue management around dental implants.
  • Management of common implant complications.
  • Advanced bone graft procedures that include ridge augmentation, guided bone regeneration (e.g., sandwich bone augmentation, sausage bone augmentation), vertical bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures (e.g., lateral window approach and osteotome technique as well as piezo instrumentation for opening the window).
  • Tissue engineering (e.g., growth factors {e.g., platelet derived growth factors (PDGF)}, enamel matrix proteins, gene therapy, and platelet rich plasma (PRP)) could be used to enhance clinical outcomes.

This CE course combines didactic lectures and hands-on workshop with fresh cadaver specimens to cover a broad range of advanced periodontal/implant surgical techniques.

Date Price CE Credits
August 18-22, 2020 $5000 29
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Speakers Include:

Hom-Lay Wang