Esthetic Perio-Implantology by Drs. Julio Joly; Paulo Carvalho; Robert Carvalho

Authors: Julio Joly; Paulo Carvalho; Robert Carvalho

From the publisher:

This book is the culmination of extensive research and experience in the field of esthetic mucogingival surgery and implant dentistry. The authors rely on clinical documentation and scientific evidence to establish innovative esthetic protocols for the management of mucogingival complications in implant dentistry. Each advanced surgical and restorative procedure is prefaced with the scientific research, historical background, and clinical experiences that led to its development by the authors. Facets of diagnosis and the many treatment options for each case are covered clearly with a strict evidence-based philosophy. The authors have streamlined their revolutionary techniques and innovations for standardized application, and each clinical case is presented step by step and in stunning photographic detail. This book will lay the foundation for the development of clinical skills that will lead to more esthetic outcomes in some of dentistry’s most challenging cases.

From Osteogenics:

This 2017 publication dedicates chapter 5 to “Tridimensional Ridge Augmentation: Horizontal and Vertical”. Seventy two pages cover the topic in detail, including predictability, selection of membranes, harvesting autologous bone with bone scrapers, use of tenting screws, patient selection, complication management, membrane stabilization, and closure using monofilament suture. Multiple case examples illustrate the concepts.

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