DentalXP 8th Annual Global Symposium

February 28 - 01, 2020 | Atlanta. GA | Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center

The 2020 DentalXP 8th Annual Global Symposium will celebrate "30 years of Team Atlanta & their influence on Team Dentistry". The highlight of this conference will be the development of the newest strategies related to minimally invasive Restorative & Regenerative Esthetics, new Digital 3D Work flows, as well as a specific focus on the Full Arch patient with Teeth & Implants. Towards that end, the scientific committee has invited a select group of leading Global Xperts to present their unique interdisciplinary concepts and how they have evolved to include many of the concepts we use routinely today.

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Invited Speakers:

Craig Misch

Christian Coachman

Devorah Schwartz-Arad

Edward McLaren

Silvia La Rosa

Alina Krivitsky

Rodrigo Neiva

Juan Alberto Ruiz

Snjezana Pohl

Robert Silva

Ramon Gomez Meda

Nazariy Mykhaylyuk

Mirela Feraru

Filipe Lopes

Isaac Tawil

Bernardo Correa

Nitzan Bichacho

Maurice Salama

Henry Salama

Ronald Goldstein

David Garber

Maria Paranhos

Sean Park

Marko Tadros

Marcelo Silva