2023 Osteology

International Osteology Symposium

April 27 - 29, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain | Barcelona International Convention Center

In past years, the International Osteology Symposia were considered by many in dentistry to be the most successful and prestigious events held on oral tissue regeneration. This is set to continue with the 2023 Jubilee Edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Osteology Foundation. The very attractive location – Barcelona – and an unparalleled educational programme promise to attract up to 3’000 motivated participants from all over the world: clinicians, educators, and scientists alike from all relevant specialties in the oral surgical fields, and all career levels.

The Symposium programme will feature numerous established as well as upcoming experts in oral tissue regeneration. The latest techniques, technologies, and evidence-based recommendations will be addressed at lectures, workshops and also specific sessions for researchers and others for dentists still new to the field of oral tissue regeneration.

WE ARE RE:GENERATION will be the event motto, which perfectly defines what partners and participants can expect: all the scientific knowledge globally available on oral regeneration in one place at the same time. Further all the specialists of today’s and tomorrow’s generation in this field will be convening in Barcelona. At this event, the Osteology Foundation will demonstrate that we ARE theory and practice, critically thinking as well as doing, in oral tissue regeneration. After a challenging pandemic period, 2023 will be a RE-start for all those interested in continuing education face-to-face and furthermore a RE-start that will be celebrated together with our 2023 Jubilee to be illuminated by a refreshing RE-branding of the Osteology Foundation.

We are looking forward to celebrating this special opportunity in 2023 with you!

Invited Speakers:

Aghaloo Tara, USA
Al-Nawas Bilal, Germany
Araújo Maurício, Brazil
Aroca Sofia, France
Aslan Serhat, Turkey
Avila Ortiz Gustavo, Spain
Badalyan Kristina, Russia
Barack David, USA
Barbieri Germán, Spain
Benhamou Anne, France
Bienz Stefan, Switzerland
Burkhardt Rino, Switzerland
Buser Daniel, Switzerland
Cairo Francesco, Italy
Cardaropoli Daniele, Italy
Carrillo de Albornoz Ana, Spain
Cha Jae-Kook, South Korea
Chackartchi Tali, Israel
Chappuis Vivianne, Switzerland
Chen Bo, China
Chen Stephen, Australia
Chiapasco Matteo, Italy
Cordaro Luca, Italy
Cortellini Pierpaolo, Italy
Da Rosa Jose Carlos, Brazil
Dahlin Christer, Sweden
De Stavola Luca, Italy
Derks Jan, Sweden
Donos Nikolaos, UK
Fu Jia-Hui, Singapore
Ghanaati Shahram, Germany
Giannobile William V., USA
Gobbato Luca, Italy
Gómez-Meda Ramón, Spain
Graziani Filippo, Italy
Gruber Reinhard, Austria
Grunder Ueli, Switzerland
Guerrero Adrián, Spain
Hämmerle Christoph, Switzerland
Heitz-Mayfield Lisa, Australia
Ivanovski Saso, Australia
Jepsen Karin, Germany
Jepsen Søren, Germany
Jovanovic Sascha, USA
Jung Ronald E., Switzerland
Kaigler Darnell, USA
Kan Joseph, USA
Koo Ki-Tae, South Korea
Kumar Purnima, USA

Lambert France, Belgium
Leziy Sonia, Canada
Liñares Antonio, Spain
Linkevicius Tomas, Lithuania
Man Yi, China
Matesanz Paula, Spain
McClain Pamela K., USA
Mertens Brenda, France
Molnár Bálint, Hungary
Monje Alberto, Spain
Montero Eduardo, Spain
Muñoz Jesús, Spain
Naenni Nadja, Switzerland
Nart José, Spain
Pedrinaci Ignacio, Spain
Puišys Algirdas, Lithuania
Ramanauskaite Ausra, Germany
Rao Alfonso, UK
Rasperini Giulio, Italy
Renouard Franck, France
Rocchietta Isabella, UK
Roccuzzo Mario, Italy
Sader Robert, Germany
Sailer Irena, Switzerland
Saito Atsushi, Japan
Sanz Martín Ignacio, Switzerland
Sanz Sánchez Ignacio, Spain
Sanz Mariano, Spain
Sapata Vítor Marques, Brazil
Schallhorn Rachel, USA
Scheyer E. Todd, USA
Schiegnitz Eik, Germany
Schwarz Frank, Germany
Sculean Anton, Switzerland
Simion Massimo, Italy
Soetebeer Maren, Germany
Stefanini Martina, Italy
Temmerman Andy, Belgium
Thoma Daniel, Switzerland
Torabinejad Mahmoud, USA
Tunkel Jochen, Germany
Urban Istvan, Hungary
Vajgel André, Brazil
Vallès Vegas Cristina, Spain
Van Assche Nele, Belgium
Velasquez Diego, USA
Vignoletti Fabio, Spain
Vroom Melle, the Netherlands
Zabalegui Ion, Spain
Zucchelli Giovanni, Italy

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