Ramfjord Symposium

June 11 - 13, 2020 | Ann Arbor, MI | University of Michigan

This year, symposium Scientific Chairs Dr. William Giannobile and Dr. Hom-Lay Wang will preside over lectures and a poster session on the topic of Twilight between Soft and Hard Tissue Grafts for Periodontal and Implant Reconstruction.

Hard tissue augmentation without soft tissue coverage and soft tissue graft without proper hard tissue support will not resulted in a predictable treatment outcome. Hence, soft and hard tissue management around natural dentition and dental implant are keys for dental/implant overall treatment success. To create ideal periodontal and implant soft and hard tissue conditions enable clinicians to achieve required esthetic outcome as well as to maintain treatment long-term stability. This symposium invites international well-known expertise in this field to resolve these twilight challenges. Recent research findings and newly developed clinical skills and tips will be shared with all participants. The pros and cons of techniques used to treat soft and hard tissue grafting complications will also be discussed.

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