LP Vroom Mahwah Course

Guided Bone Regeneration Techniques for Moderate to Advanced Bony Defects

Osteogenics is excited to present and host a one-and-a-half day course featuring interactive lecture and a two-part hands-on workshop taught by Dr. Melle Vroom.
Dr. Vroom has taught numerous courses across Europe and in his home country of The Netherlands. Dr. Vroom’s courses have been met with extremely positive reviews and feedback from clinicians interested in improving their surgical knowledge and skills when it comes to guided bone regeneration (GBR) protocols for a broad range of defect types.

The course will take place on July 12-13, 2024 at the Nobel Biocare Procera Facility in Mahwah, NJ (800 Corporate Drive)

You will earn 11 CE hours for this event; breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Course Description:

Participants will learn about the background of the dPTFE membrane and the thoughts behind its application in open (ridge preservation) and closed (vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation) GBR procedures. Evidence-based protocols for treatment of a broad range of defect types will be reviewed and discussed. Possible complications with these types of GBR protocols will also be addressed and discussed throughout the course.

This course is ideal for clinicians wanting to start with performing small- to medium-sized GBR procedures, as well as experienced clinicians wanting to improve their surgical skills.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand various indications for open and closed GBR protocols
• Understand step-by-step protocols and guidelines for moderate and complex GBR procedures including, but not limited to:
◦ Soft tissue management
◦ Membrane selection
◦ Membrane fixation
◦ Suturing techniques associated with GBR procedures
• Formulate classification criteria of healing complications and understand how to
handle each class of complication

Two Part Hands-On Workshop:

• Lateral GBR using dPTFE membranes in a closed technique
• Extraction site reconstruction using dPTFE membranes in an open technique

For more information, please email Shelley Smith @ shelley.smith@envistaco.com

Date Price CE Credits
July 12-13, 2024 $745 11
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Speakers Include:

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Melle Vroom, DDS, MSc