Realities of Advanced Bone Grafting, Implant Placement and Soft Tissue Management


Day 1 & 2: Three live surgeries each day

Lecture topics include:

  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR) with membranes
  • Flap designs to maintain primary closure in all situations
  • Ideal socket regeneration
  • Implant placement in atrophic ridges
  • Immediate implant placement in all areas of the mouth and all types of defect morphologies
  • Indications for Piezoelectric handpiece
  • Palatal harvesting of connective tissue grafts
  • Rationale and use of biologics
  • Allograft selection and use
  • Root treatment to maximize long term success
  • Root coverage techniques with autogenous grafts and allograft
  • Soft tissue grafting with GBR therapy
  • Soft tissue grafting at implant placement
  • Decision trees for material and technique selection

Day 3: Cadaver Lab

  • Bone Grafting Techniques:
    • Titanium reinforced and resorbable membranes
    • Tacking for membrane fixation
    • Effective release for primary closure
  • Implant Placement in the Following Situations:
    • In compromised extractions sockets
    • In atrophic ridges
    • At the time of sinus augmentation
    • In conjunction with osteotome technique
  • Soft Tissue Graft Harvesting
    • Flapless, double blade, and trapdoor
    • Buccal & palatal pedicle grafts
    • Allograft placement
  • Soft Tissue Grafting During Implant Placement
  • Flap Designs to Ensure Primary Closure
Date Price CE Credits
October 19-21, 2023 (Live 3 Day Course) $3995 21
October 19-20, 2023 (2 Day Live Webinar) $2500 14
October 21, 2023 (1 Day Human Cadaver Exercise) $1495 7
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Speakers Include:


Paul Fugazzotto