Atraumair Forceps

Hu-Friedy's Atraumair Forceps are designed for optimal access and enhanced crown and root engagement. Each of the uniquely patterned forceps feature a matte finish for enhanced contrast and reduced light reflection. Unique hole designs help reduce the weight of the forceps and provide increased comfort and control. Atraumair forceps offer improved access for a variety of extraction cases through enhanced beak geometries.

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Hu-Friedy insturments purchased from Osteogenics Biomedical are covered under Hu-Friedy's U.S. Warranty Program. Through this program for Surgical Instruments, Hu-Friedy is pleased to offer free servicing for the life of the instrument.*

When you purchase the highest quality products, it is important to keep them in optimal working condition. This program:

· Protects your investment through regular, free service

· Frees up valuable time to focus on providing positive clinical outcomes for your patients

· Ensures accurate servicing by the same Hu-Friedy artisans that manufactured your instruments

*Covered for the life expectancy of product, not life of doctor or practice.

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