Hu-Friedy scissors are fabricated from special high-tempered surgical grade stainless steel providing longer lasting cutting edges and corrosion resistance. Designed to exacting specifications for balanced, smooth control, Hu-Friedy offers and extensive selection including micro-surgical, suture, crown and gold, bandage, and general surgery scissors.

Super-Cut cutting blade honed/serrated to "razor" sharpness with opposing blade finished with fine serrations to avoid tissue slippage.

Black Line feature a performance engineered coating for optimal edge retention, reduced light reflection afforded by the black matte finish, and enriched contrast and visual acuity at the surgical site and underlying tissue.

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Hu-Friedy insturments purchased from Osteogenics Biomedical are covered under Hu-Friedy's U.S. Warranty Program. Through this program for Surgical Instruments, Hu-Friedy is pleased to offer free servicing for the life of the instrument.*

When you purchase the highest quality products, it is important to keep them in optimal working condition. This program:

· Protects your investment through regular, free service

· Frees up valuable time to focus on providing positive clinical outcomes for your patients

· Ensures accurate servicing by the same Hu-Friedy artisans that manufactured your instruments

*Covered for the life expectancy of product, not life of doctor or practice.

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