Hu-Friedy Dr. Istvan Urban General Surgery Kit

Kit includes

  • MH6 Cone Socket Mirror Handle
  • MIR5 Mirror #5 FS CS, Single Sided, Single
  • DP17 #17 Dressing Pliers
  • PCNC15/12 UNC 15/12 Color-Coded DE Probe
  • 10-130-05E #5 Scalpel Handle
  • PFIWDS1MK Mini Me Micro Periosteal
  • S13K/TG9 #13K/TG DE Curette/Chisel, EverEdge®
  • PPR3X #PR-3 Prichard Periosteal, Black Line
  • SB2/3 Ball DE Scaler
  • SGF36 GF-3 Goldman-Fox Curette
  • TPSLCOSM Micro Tissue Pliers STG 18 cm
  • NH5024SIM Needle-holder Simion
  • S16SCX Goldman-Fox Super-cut Scissors, Black Line
  • TP5090 DeBakey PermaSharp 6" Tissue Pliars
  • CRM University of Minnesota Cheek Retractor
  • MP54 Markel Mouth Prop (Adult Pair)
  • SC13/149 13/14 Colombia Curette, EverEdge®
  • H4 4 Mosquito Hemostat, straight
  • TRE040M Trephine Bur, 4 mm ID Right Angle
  • TRE060M Trephine Bur, 6 mm ID Right Angle
  • IM4168C4 16 Instrument Signature Series Cassette w/ Accessory Area, Blue
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Price if all instruments in kit are purchased individually: $2,332 (Kit Price reflects 15% discount)

Hu-Friedy insturments purchased from Osteogenics Biomedical are covered under Hu-Friedy's U.S. Warranty Program. Through this program for Surgical Instruments, Hu-Friedy is pleased to offer free servicing for the life of the instrument.*

When you purchase the highest quality products, it is important to keep them in optimal working condition. This program:

· Protects your investment through regular, free service

· Frees up valuable time to focus on providing positive clinical outcomes for your patients

· Ensures accurate servicing by the same Hu-Friedy artisans that manufactured your instruments

*Covered for the life expectancy of product, not life of doctor or practice.

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