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Ridge Preservation Kit: Cytoplast™ Technique

  • All-in-one convenience kit includes a Cytoplast™ TXT-200 Single (dPTFE membrane), 0.5 cc of enCore® 70/30 combination allograft, and a Cytoplast™ PTFE suture
  • Convenience kit helps control cost while simplifying ordering and in-office inventory
  • Products in kit have proven efficacy in ridge preservation in randomized, controlled clinical trial*
  • Convenience kit ensures all necessary products for Cytoplast™ Technique are in stock prior to procedure

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The Cytoplast™ Technique for ridge preservation has become the standard of care for many specialists over the last 20+ years. The Cytoplast™ Technique Ridge Preservation Kit conveniently packages enCore® 70/30 allograft, a Cytoplast™ TXT-200 dense PTFE membrane, and a Cytoplast™ PTFE suture needed to perform the Cytoplast™ Technique.

Increased Vital Bone
In a recent study (using all three materials included in this kit) comparing sockets grafted with enCore® 70/30 to sockets grafted with 100% mineralized allograft, sites grafted with enCore® 70/30 resulted in a statistically significant higher percentage of vital bone and lower percentage of residual graft.*

100% of the patients in the study (N = 42) had adequate bone volume and quality to allow for dental implant placement at the time of re-entry. No patients had signs of infection following ridge preservation and no site had graft loss during healing.*

*Borg TD, Mealey BL. Histologic healing following tooth extraction with ridge preservation using mineralized versus combined mineralized-demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft: a randomized controlled clinical trial. J Periodontol. 2015 Mar;86(3):348-55.