Zcore™ Expand Expandable Collagen-Enriched Porcine Xenograft

  • 65% porcine xenograft particulate and 35% expandable porcine collagen by volume (80% xenograft and 20% collagen by weight)
  • Zcore™ Expand hydrates and expands almost immediately when introduced to the patient’s blood or sterile saline
  • Once hydrated, Zcore™ Expand increases in diameter to fill the void space in a socket or sinus defect
  • Zcore™ particulate's interconnecting macroscopic and microscopic porous structure supports the formation and ingrowth of new bone
  • The Zcore™ particles contained in Zcore™ Expand have an 88% void space - this hyper-porosity of the porcine cancellous matrix and intra-particle space facilitated by rough particle morphology reduces bulk density of the graft, allowing greater empty space for new bone growth
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More Information

Zcore™ Expand is a composite of osteoconductive bone mineral and expandable collagen, Zcore™ Expand is composed of 65% porcine xenograft particulate and 35% porcine collagen by volume (80% xenograft and 20% collagen by weight). Zcore™ Expand is supplied as a compressed preformed sponge that expands when hydrated, allowing it to take the shape of the defect. The unique expandable property makes Zcore™ Expand a popular option for extraction site grafting and/or sinus augmentation that uses a lateral approach.